Increase your NEAT

Here’s my brain dump of ways to move more during the day:

  1. Sit on the floor while doing stuff
  2. Do things with your non dominant hand
  3. Stand on one leg
  4. Deep squat instead of kneeling down
  5. Do household chores in weird ways eg. on one leg, crawling
  6. Stretch out when getting dressed
  7. Spread your toes at work
  8. Wiggle your spine when sat
  9. Stretch your fingers out inbetween paragraphs
  10. Climb the stairs in as many different ways as you can
  11. Hang at every opportunity
  12. Climb over stuff instead of walking around it
  13. Jump over, around, down off things
  14. Balance or walk on walls
  15. Practice your diaphragm breathing
  16. Take your shoes off and feel what you’re walking on
  17. Help other people out with jobs
  18. Close your eyes when doing things (obviously not when cutting something out or chopping food!)
  19. Make faces (probably best not do that to random people in the street)
  20. Wrestle with your kids
  21. Wrestle with your partner
  22. Wrestle yourself!
  23. Do things in super slow motion
  24. Wiggle your body about if you’re feeling stiff
  25. Copy your kids
  26. Don’t sit and watch your kids in the park, join in
  27. Dance whilst doing stuff
  28. Roll about on the floor