Supercharge your plank!

Up here at Barons Fitness we know the benefit of a strong core. Having a strong centre means that our bodies can transmit the forces we subject it to efficiently from head to toe. There was a time that all we thought we needed to do was 1000s of sit ups and that equated to a strong. However now we know better. All this does is make our abs burn and might actually be damaging our spines. Not great. Exercise choice is all about risk and reward. Does the exercise reward outway the risk? Maybe not.

So enter the plank. No not a piece of floor covering! I’m talking about the exercise. It’s pretty simple to do and works your core in the way it’s designed to work by fighting forces that want to bend or twist your body.

You can try this exercise with straight arms or on your elbows. Can you plank for a minute? Then you’re ready to move on to a harder progression. Just planking for longer isn’t gonna cut it! Think about it, how often do you have to brace your core for more than a minute? Never right.

Try taking a hand away, or a leg, or both! Adding movement is also great. Or why not try a long lever plank by walking your hands forward or feet backwards. Still focus on keeping everything tight around your middle. No sagging backs or bums up towards the sky!

What variations can you think off?