Want to supercharge your swing in just 4 weeks?

More power

More accuracy

Less shots

Most golf workouts to improve your drive, focus on rotational movements. Probably because they look the most like a golf swing and that makes sense right? Doing endless rotation exercises won’t improve your swing.

So what do I need to do instead?

Good question. But first, let’s flip this problem on its head. What characteristics to all great golfers have?

  • A solid core to transfer energy efficiently from your upper to lower body.
  • Good mobility to rotate smoothly through the swing.
  • A super strong bum to power down the fairway and prevent back pain.
  • An iron grip so the energy from your hips drives powerfully through to the ball.


So how do we work on all those elements using kettlebells?


Well I have 4 exercises that work on all theses things:

  1. Turkish Getup – mobility, strength, stability, this has it all!
  2. Halos – develops bulletproof shoulders, at the same time grip and core strength.
  3. Swing – power up your glutes for a bigger drive.
  4. Bottoms Up Press – build rock solid pushing strength and an iron grip.

All you need is a kettlebell and a little space so all can be done a home. No need for a gym!

Want help incorporating these into your training?

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